Christian Weddings


This distinctively Christian wedding planner will help you organize a beautiful, enjoyable, God-honoring wedding. Unlike most wedding planners available today, this planner looks at weddings from a distinctly Christian, Bible-based viewpoint.
This Christian wedding planner is based on three basic assumptions:
1. Planning your wedding doesn’t have to take very long (unless you want it to).
2. The cost of your wedding should not exceed what your family can afford.
3. A Christian wedding is all about rejoicing in what the Lord has done in the lives of two people and their families.
All Things Are Ready is full of to-do lists, planning resources, tips, budgeting and timeline tools, options for personalizing your wedding, ideas for portraying biblical themes, and devotions to keep your focus on the Lord and the work He is doing in your life through marriage. All things are available in Acoustic Events.

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