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Looking for a great way for creating excitement for your event confetti and streamers have stood the test of time. The cannons shoot the fire work and streamers into the air creating a spectacular visual effect on stage or ground. Fire works comes in a variety of cuts and colours and can be custom cut. Glitters thrown in to the air comes shimmering down creating innumerable jets of shower of stars falling down on the stage. Acoustic Event can provide this in different colours as per your requirements Indoor and Outdoors.

Wedding Gift Package

When we talk about a perfect Indian wedding, there are plenty of preparations that one has to do for the big day. From deciding the venue, conceptualizing the idea, dishing up lavish meals to decorating it beautifully with drapes, candles, lights, flowers, curtains and centre pieces we do it all with utmost perfection. Are we missing something? Of course, how can we forget Wedding Trousseau and Gift Packaging? Be it Roka, Sagan or Wedding, no Indian wedding ceremony is complete without a glamorous trousseau packaging. Acoustic Event provides Wedding trousseau arranged & displayed stylishly in fancy trays, baskets, platters and exotic bags creates an alluring effect turning simple gifts into one of its kind pieces.


We at Acoustic Events take due responsibility for arranging the best services for your wedding to make sure all the traditions and values are followed to their core and thus under the umbrella of Acoustic Events , we provide you with the best wedding BANDS in anywhere in India. We also provide other services like arranging BAGGIS, GHORIS all other items needed for a perfect procession of the groom. We have the perfect arrangements to get you the best GHORIWALA in India and that too within nominal budgets. .....

Varmala Theme

Indian weddings are known for their immense pomp and show. They are performed pretty dramatically and the idea of using special effects has genuinely caught the fancy of many people. Apart from LED screens, laser lights, and use of hydraulics with lots of music and dance, a wide range of traditional to contemporary wedding ideas are taken care of. When it comes to "Varmala Time", wedding organisers bring together loads of creativity, visualization and meticulous planning and organize a perfect JAIMALA theme for your wedding. There are several varmala themes in India weddings follow these days, and Acoustic Event give you complete freedom in to choose your style. A Jaimala Ceremony inaugurates the entire wedding event, and therefore it has to be special. The entire crowd beholds the Varmala stage and there are lots of expectations among the guests to witness a creative display of garland exchanging.

The Wedding Choreographers

An Indian wedding is a grand affair that calls for a lot of preparation from magnificent wedding venues, ostentatious decor, scrumptious catering, glamourous trousseau, exceptional photography and well, not to forget- wedding choreography! Entertainment is truly an important part of every wedding and to make it stylish and well organized, Acoustic Event serve you with a highly professional team of wedding choreographers in India who are capable of instructing and making you learn the best dance lessons & moves in a pre-determined pattern. As different parts of our country bring out different styles of celebrations, our team of experts suggest wedding choreography according to wedding customs, religions, cultures and above all your preference. Helping you design your special day with oh-so-brilliant dancing moves, we offer choreography for bride, groom, family, relatives, children and friends. .....

Wedding Invitation Cards

As the festive season looms ahead, Indian weddings become grander than ever before. The nation's capital is in a frenzy and the sudden upsurge of designer wedding invitation cards in DELHI-NCR AND OTHER CITIES OF INDIA is exhilarating. A wide palette of designs To join in the nuptial festivities, Acoustic Events are providing special Indian wedding invitation cards varied from a pocket-friendly Rs. 25 to the lavish Rs.3000 ones! Keep in mind that along with about 25 incredible wedding card designs in our vibrant catalogue, exclusive online wedding invitation cards in India customized-for you are just a click away. Promising to deliver the legendary Indian personal touch, Acoustic Events assure our clients with complete assistance to choose among the vast options and just a phone call to us is enough for a detailed discussion about our variety of samples and wedding invitation cards in India.

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